Eight years ago Blue Sky Design LLC took on the challenge develop an American designed Electrathon racer to compete with the state of the art Australian Electrathon vehicles introduced to the United States by Clark Beasley. Mark Murphy, an award winning vehicle designer developed the Aerocoupe to be simple, rugged and fast. The Aerocoupe is legendary for its low center of gravity, handling balance and efficient aerodynamics. The Aerocoupe is an attractive and affordable machine that is a versatile performer on both fast and tight courses.
Now in its eighth year of Electrathon competition, the original Aerocoupe #9 is highly competitive against even the best custom built 24 volt racers in North America.

And now you can tap into this success:
An easy-to-build Aerocoupe Electrathon vehicle kit with all the features of our factory sponsored racer. Plus a full line of essential parts and hardware for do-it-yourself vehicle design projects. Now you can be on the starting grid sooner and across the finish line first.

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