Track: 38
Wheelbase: 57

Body Measurements
Front of shell to front axle: 29"
Bumper hoop extends 20" out from the front axle
Top of chassis sits 7" above bottom of body
Front of shell to max width: 41"
Max body width at perimeter flange around bottom of body: 30"
Body width at drivers shoulder: 24" (5'-10" 180 lb driver)
Total length of body: 100"
Height of body and canopy: 26"
Max canopy height: 12"
Ground clearance: 1.5" aprox.
Front of shell to front of canopy: 9"
Body height at canopy line in front: 12"
Height of canopy line on body at rear: 20"

Part weights
weight of canopy: 6 lbs
weight of seat pan: 18 lbs
weight of chassis: 18 lbs
weight of FRP body: 16 lbs
weight of FRP body: 30 lbs

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